Life is a blank canvas,
it’s time to create your masterpiece.


Our Mission is to serve. In serving ourselves we can better serve others. We provide tools for transformation which act as a road map for your highest Mastery.

We live in rapidly evolving times. With so many changes and no proper game plan to enhance your wellness and vitality, life can feel overwhelming. We are here to help!

We have been studying and practicing time tested tools to help you on your road to Mastery. We are ready to share these with you.

People often confuse Mastery as an end point, a goal to be attained.. We view it as a never ending discovery of oneself and life. It is a North Star to guide you. A lighthouse in foggy weather. We are not self proclaimed Masters, rather humble servants to assist you with your unfolding Mastery.

Life will always be a Mystery, now it’s time to make it a Mastery.

how we create change
Tools for Transformation


Yoga has been a pillar of our practice for over a decade. It is fundamental for a healthy body and mind. We fuse ancient modalities with modern practices to bring you a truly unique experience.

Breath Work

Breath is life. It is our connection to spirit. We offer a variety of breathing practices to add vitality to your day and life.


Meditation is key for mental health. We offer simple practices and full guided journeys. It is a daily practice we encourage everyone to cultivate.


Kambo is a powerful tool for transformation. It has the ability to cleanse you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn more about Kambo HERE


We offer fine-tuned, in depth consultations and facilitation tailored specifically to you. Each one of us is unique and will have different needs depending on where you are at in your journey.


Integration is a vital part of any journey. It helps us assimilate all that we have learned and bring this wisdom back into our lives in a healthy way.

Who We Are



Siri is all about human optimization. Born and raised in a Kundalini yoga community, Siri has been around the healing arts his whole life. He is dedicated to his personal growth and therefore is inspired to help others on their journey.



Born and raised in spiritual communities and nature, Kamala is a bright light in any room shw walks into. From fire performer, event producer and owning her own company, Kamala has endless wisdom and guidance to share

What's next?
How it Works...

1 on 1 Session

targeted focus without a long term commitment

In our session we will evaluate where you are at and offer guidance to help you course correct.


6 Week Program

Designed to give you structure with time tested tools that work. Each week you will have a new focus plus 1 on 1 time.

If you’re ready for a reboot, this is what you are looking for!


3 Month Program

Taking the 6 week program and stretching it over three months. This allows for plenty of breathing room as we dive deep.

If you’re ready to jump into the deep end, it’s ready for You!


*The services we provide are invaluable. We want to make them accessible to all and therefore don’t want financial strains to be the cause not to work with us. Therefore we offer flexible and sliding scale rates. We work with you to find an exchange that feels good to both parties. 

How can we be of service?